Why Do We Observe 4 December as Indian Navy Day?

As India celebrates ‘Indian Navy Day’ on 4 December, get ready to know why is it so special.

The pride of our country, the Indian Navy played a major role in the 1971 war against Pakistan. Thus, we celebrate the magnificence of our valiant naval force on 4th December that engraved a heroic and brave tell-tale in the pages of Indian history.

On the 46th Indian Navy Day, the nation prepares yet again to reminisce the great role of Operation Trident that etched the Indo-Pak War story in gold.


  • It all started on 3rd December 1971, when Indo-Pak War was just in its nascent stages. Back at the Indian Navy HQ, the Navy Chief Admiral SM Nanda decided to take prompt action and called for an aggressive strike at Karachi Harbour.
  • Commander Babru Bhan Yadav took charge and led Operation Trident hands on!
  • The plan was to dodge their radar and attack Pakistan by night. Yadav proceeded from Okha to Karachi with his strike force to bring his plan to a climax on 4 December.

First Strike by India’s INS Nirghat –

  • Exactly at 11 PM, a target was detected 45 miles to the northwest by INS Nirghat’s radar, that was led by Lt. Commander Inderjit Sharma.
  • They made no mistake in launching their first strike at PNS Khaibar, a Pakistani destroyer, sailing towards Karachi at 11:15 PM. However, back on INS Nipat the target was still showing afloat to Yadav.
  • They didn’t delay in launching the second missile on Yadav’s command, which completely sank PNS Khaibar, thereby killing around 222 sailors of the Pakistani destroyer onboard.

Second Strike by India’s INS Nipat –

  • That’s when INS Nirghat informed the commander about another target, which was detected within a range of 42 miles northeast.
  • This time Lt. Commander Nariman Kavina stepped up and launched 2 missiles at 11:30 PM. First missile hit right on target, sinking a cargo ship called MV Venus Challenger, while the other fatally damaged PNS Shah Jahan, its escort destroyer.

Third Strike by India’s INS Veer –

  • Also, Lt. Commander OP Mehta, who was leading INS Veer didn’t hold back and destroyed PNS Muhafiz, a Pakistani mine sweeper, that killed 22 sailors.

The Final Strike –

  • Making their way to crack down on Karachi Port, the strike force realized that INS Nirghat and INS Veer had gone out of range. This left INS Nipat to act swiftly and fire at Karachi’s Oil Depot instead!
  • It just took one missile to wreck the entire oil depot of Karachi Port, that paralyzed the fuel reserves of Pakistani Navy.
  • Just then Pakistani Navy came into action since their aircraft was sighted on the radar of INS Nipat, but it was too late for the enemies to fightback.


  • Indian strike force led by Commander Babru Bhan Yadav sailed back into Indian waters at Bombay Harbour after carrying out a successful mission on 6th December 2017.
  • India sunk 4 Pakistani ships and destroyed 2, and crippled Karachi Port and fuel depot.

Indian Navy did not suffer any damage or loss at all!

And, therefore we celebrate ‘4th December 2017’ as ‘Indian Navy Day’!

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