Office Secret Santa gifts under 500 rupees

Good luck gifting an utter stranger who you call colleague

Everything is well and good during Christmas till your office drops the whole secret Santa shbang on you. And when you get the chit in which is sprawled name you that has been  uttered within your audible range, that is just your cue to go “ who in the hell is this person??”, that followed by you sneakily asking about who is this person is and at the same time trying to pick who to ask. IT’S SO TOUGH. Don’t you feel even remotely thankful when someone points that face that makes you go “ohhh ok that person, yeah he/ she is the hi bye type or one-liner conversation types” ? But when a chit befalls you that holds the name of a person you’ve never heard of or seen even though you work under one rood, especially if that person is a new joinee, oh holy elf, the CONFUSION! Like sure HR and boss people, I’ll totally buy a present for a random stranger who I’m not even iota familiar with, no biggy, just a bajjillion confused thoughts and the agony of seeing spending your money on him/ her.

Well, I guess it’s not that bad right? The spirit of giving and beings polite n all…

So, secret Santas, if you want to gift and don’t know what to gift, worry not, for this fellow secret Santa will guide you. Here are 10 gifts under 500 rupees that you won’t regret spending on and the receiver won’t be all that disappointed as well.

Card reader 


Handmade soap




Sewing kit


Tiffin box and water bottle




4/8 GB memory card


Body spray


Spiral bound notebook

Pair of earrings



Phone case


Essential oil


Men’s wallet


Chocolate box

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