Treat your appetite and taste buds to Olde Baileys in Seawoods

Lip smacking food and reviving coffee, anyone?

You must now know by now, that our good ole Navi Mumbai is sprinkled with many eateries where amazing food is at your appetite’s and social media’s disposal. Food that calms and satisfies your cravings, and the food’s beauty that helps you score that perfect Instagram pic or Snapchat story.

So, when it was made known to us that Old Baileys in Seawood’s new mall, Seawood grand central, was raved for its dishes and beverages, we knew we had to check it out for ourselves. So, off we went, traversing toward the suburb where lies this delightful eatery to chance upon its delicious offerings.

Though Old Baileys takes up a small nook, with its sofa chairs like seating, high bar table and high stools, and a brick wall decorated with framed vintage photos, it’s interiors are very contemporary. There is even small chalkboard describing each coffee that is served there.

Allllright, now about the thing you’ve been waiting for for…. The food and beverages! Boy, were they delicious! So, here’s what we tried at Old Baileys


The beverages


  1. Nitro Brew Coffee

This drink is for someone who enjoys plain black coffee. Nitro brew coffee is a tall goblet of iced Americano served in a nitro-infused style. Being the coffee-obsessed person that I am, I downed the entire thing andddd whoa, was I in for a caffeine rush!


  1. Belgian hot chocolate

This chocolatey delciousness was not only my favourite, but also my other 3 colleagues loved it. Everything about it was tasty, the hot chocolate, the whipped cream, and the star, the marshmallows. In fact, the owner, Mayank, suggested that we dip the marshmallows in the hot chocolate, and he was right, marshmallow dunked in hot chocolate actually tastes so good.


  1. Irish coffee

The third drink that we tasted was the Irish coffee flavoured black Americano with whipped cream. It was the perfect balance between the bitterness of the coffee and sweet creaminess of the whipped cream.


  1. Hot cappuccino with Chocolate sauce

This drink was a classic strong cappuccino but topped with chocolate sauce, a new combination to me. It was again a right balance created by perfectly bitter coffee and the chocolate sauce.


The food

  1. Junglee Paneer Panini

The Panini bread was, according to layman’s palate was perfect. It was fresh and fluffy. As for the stuffing, it was equally delicious. The paneer/cottage cheese was marinated in Olde Baileys special mint chutney.


  1. Olde Baileys 4 cheese pasta


This was one of the most delicious and cheesy pasta we tasted. Pasta cooked with a sinful combination of 4 kinds of cheese, parmesan, Emmenthal, cheddar and an in-house cheese which remained a secret.

  1. Pepperoni Pizza

Seriously, the dish kinda speaks for itself. A Pizza pie topped with Pepperoni, cheese, and herbs, what is not to like?? Plus, as a side note, I tasted Pepperoni for the very first time and looked back to all those times when I ordered Pizza and never was never daring enough to order Pepperoni.

Address: F-36, Seawoods Grand Central Mall, First Floor, Navi Mumbai

So, let us know what you enjoyed at Olde Baileys and let us know your favourite dish or beverage.

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