One Place to Find All the Wonders of The World!

Time for a new place to visit! Wonders of World in Navi Mumbai

Is wandering around the 7 wonders of the world in your dream wish list? But are you stuck in your daily routine and have no time for a long vacation? Well, Navi Mumbai has a place to fulfill your dream. The Wonders Park in Nerul has models of all the wonders of the world for you to take a glimpse of them at once!

What’s It All About?

From train rides to poolside fun, you and your family can enjoy a perfect evening in less costs. The Wonders Park is an affordable option to spend quality time with your family. This educational place in Navi Mumbai educated kids is a fun way, helping them grasp things faster and in a lighter mood. We needn’t necessarily dig out encyclopaedias to know the biggest facts about the beautiful monuments of the world. Right from Taj Mahal to the Eifel Tower, The Wonders Park has structures of everything.

The Best Part Is…’s affordable! You don’t have to spend a thousand bucks to enjoy rides, swimming your heart out and make memories with your family. All of this above is possible in just a few rupees in Wonder Park, Navi Mumbai.

Best Way to Reach There

Nerul is an easily accessible station of Navi Mumbai where plenty of local trains are always available. If you prefer to take a car ride, the Mumbai Highway will connect you the best.


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