Panvel lakes to be cleaned by herbal bio Sanitizers

Panvel lakes are going to become clean, devoid of any pollutants or dirt. Finally, something good happening to the environment!

To execute the cleaning process of the Panvel lakes, PCMC (Panvel City Municipal Corporation) is going to use a herbal enzyme based bio Sanitizer kit.

The kit contains granules of a type of bio sanitizer that will immerse in the lakes to clean the water by absorbing any air pollutants and dirt. PCMC said that the clean lakes will make way for more vegetation around the lakes that will prevent sludge.

According to experts, the water faced pollution problems due to a chemical called nitrate, a sort of salt mostly present in fertilizers.


Here’s what people said:

PCMC deputy municipal commissioner, Jamir Lengarekar – “The civic body is preparing for the Swachh Survey 2018 and has decided to use bio sanitizer kits in the water bodies for their ecological restoration.”

Retired MJP engineer and PCMC consultant Gunavant Patil – “The herbal enzyme kit is a one-time purchase. It increases vegetation around the area equal to the area of the water body. The sludge level is also reduced. Without costing much, the bio sanitizer system helps in increasing the water table of wells and other water resources in the nearby locality.”

“Six to seven water bodies within the PCMC area will be taken up for the project and a survey will also be conducted,” added Patil.

“The treated water released after adding bio sanitizers in a polluted water body has the potential to clean up the whole ecosystem without producing any other related waste or greenhouse gases”

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