Parks and Re”jewel”vination

To add to the long list of hang out spots in Navi Mumbai and also to the list of things that are contributing the development of the city, presenting you a new park that just opened up in Nerul. Sector 26 (west). And Guess what is the name of this park? (Hint: read the title). The park’s name is Jewel of Navi Mumbai.

With what my colleagues had to say, my understanding is that this park has many moods(probably it’s the people who go there set it, but still).  Some of the moods are:

Athletic: Early morning or evening walks, jogs. Precisely, a good spot to get that fitness game going

Jolly: A good spot for kids to enjoy a game or two so that even they can stay in the pink of health. Even admittedly, it is also a healthy and much-needed respite for their eyes from the hours together screen time

Mellow: Indeed a good spot for senior citizens who want take in some fresh air after being indoors the entire day. Quite an amiable hangout spot even for them

Romantic: Of course this park is also the perfect getaway spot for lovers(or in a less dramatic term: bf and gf) who do not want be spotted by people and want to be away from the prying eyes. Some romantic time by the waterbed can be counted as a chill, laidback date.

Wanderers: If you’re someone who doesn’t return home or your workspace just yet, here’s yet another place you can wander about cluelessly while pondering and just… thinking about life choices.

About the premises, it’s a very spacious park, and to stay true to the park’s name, there’s a huge jewel structure in the park that lights up in the evening. And the most soothing part of this park is that it is located right by a lake. This lake is part of the sea, and both the waterbeds are divided by Palm Beach Road.

So if you’re in the locality, check out this park and maybe, enjoy a brief stroll.


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