Rented PCO used by hadicapped to sell out cigarettes and tobacco illegally in Panvel

On learning that an allotted PCO was used illegally by a physically-challenged person, the Panvel civic body sent a complaint to the deputy municipal commissioner. The PCO Illegally Rented out was used to sell cigarettes, tobacco, and gutkha illegally in Kalamboli. Apart from them, even cold drinks and water was sold. The PCMC issued a complaint to CIDCO to cancel the PCO’s permit.

The owner Arvind Shinde rented out the PCO to a handicapped, Madan Singh who paid Shinde Rs.7,000 per month as rent. Apart from selling cigarettes, tobacco, and cold drinks, the man also did other copier works.  According to PCMC Kalamboli superintendent Bhagban Patil, the PCO was actually located near to the CIDCO office and had illegally taken up a lot of road space.

Upon searching the stall, Shinde claimed that they couldn’t find a single PCO instrument.

“A complaint with a photograph of the PCO allotted by Cidco to a handicap beneficiary had been sent to me alleging misuse of the PCO. The complainant said the handicapped person would be at the PCO during checks by PCMC officials in the area.” is what PCMC deputy municipal commissioner Jamir Lengarekar said.

According to the deputy commissioner, the civic body has already approached CIDCO to cancel the PCO’s permit so that further illegalities can be prevented as well.


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