Why do people kiss under mistletoe?

‘Tis the season to lock lips

Ever wondered why people kiss under a mistletoe? What is this Christmas tradition all about? Is the mistletoe acting as a second wingman or wingwoman? Or a wingplant? Is it God in the form of a plant looking down on you and think you’ve made enough efforts already to replace the word single with complicated, taken or any other synonymous terms to ‘in a relationship’ and have ordered Santa to at least gift a lil lip lock with someone good looking? That’s good theory, isn’t it?

Unless, you know, you happen step under the mistletoe at the same time some other ‘so-not-wanna-kiss’ person does, that mistletoe is totally Satan trying to crush your love life with his gigantic satan-toe, just annihilating it.

Well, no. there is a story behind it.

Disclaimer: though the story is the same, it has different versions, thanks to historians and many who down their perspective on the internet for the world to see and forever confusing us. For the sake of your sanity (and mine), I will be stating two versions. Pick your pick.

Another Disclaimer: This is no way is going to affect your live life, you do not have to kiss if you don’t want to. You do have to feel bad about not being able to kiss even though want to. Just feel good about all the food that’s gonna show all the love.

Last disclaimer: Mistletoe berries are poisonous to humans. Yep. What doesn’t kill you makes kissable or a kisser.

Version1: According to Celtics and Druids of the 1st century A.D, mistletoe was considered as a symbol of vivacity as it is believed the only plant that remains green through winter while all other tree would be bare. Also, some believed that the tree increases life and fertility. Takes on a whole new meaning, don’t you think? (if you have a kinky mind)

Version2: Some historians believe the connection of kiss and mistletoe comes from the ancient Norse mythology. Baldr(or Baldur), son of God Odin and  Goddess Frigg, was killed by an evil spirit with an arrow made of mistletoe. Goddess Frigg wept out of sheer sadness, but her tears turned into white berries that fell on Baldr’s wound which resurrected him. Overjoyed by this, Frigg blessed the mistletoe and promised a kiss to all that under it.

In some versions, it is also stated that mistletoe is a sign of friendship and peace.


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