The Cardinal Moment Of Pillai College

Euforia - Annual cultural fest of Pillai HOCL campus

I think no one told you, but college fest(s) is in itself a sort of cardio workout. That surge of excitement, the looking forward to having a blast with your friends, performing at the fest, then deciding to make your way towards two more college fests. Whoooo. That’s enough of speed pumping for the heart, no? Shed any weight yet? Yeah, don’t get too excited, because, for the second round (an inevitable enticing one) of endorphin release, there’s a spread of all that delicious food the college fest sponsors oh so generously paid for.

A college fest is just another convenient and amazing excuse for more college memories in the making. More anecdotes to share in future while looking back at all those times when being a student was one of best things ever.

And this convenient excuse is what the students of Pillai College, Rasayani, Panvel, have been enjoying since the commencement of its college fest, Euforia. The fest had a bang on beginning with the traditional beats of percussions. And then, followed the fun and frolic in forms of flash mob, games, food and fashion show. There were many events like dance competition, solo singing competition, Rangoli making, ring football.

euforia fest

dance competition


On the decoration front, the students’ creativity came through with their own decorations that were from paints and props. It’s crazy right, how much can be done with just a few materials and wild creative minds?


decorated tree

On 24th February, which is tomorrow, Pillai’s college will be grooving to the electrifying tunes as there’ll be performances by (S)haan , the first Indian DJ to perform at Tomorrowland, DJ Shadow Dubai, Dubai’s No.1 Bollywood DJ, The Unknown, and Pillai’s most loved DJ MSK and Ðj Garry.

In for some euphoric time, then head to Pillai’s college now!


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