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Plan Out Your Next Weekend Trip to Gadeshwar Dam

If you want to go for a short, one-day weekend trip near Navi Mumbai, Gadeshwar Dam should be your next getaway!

Well enveloped with the opulence of green paddy expanse ornamented with hilly terrain, Gadeshwar Dam is a manmade jargon nestled amidst nature. And, travelling along the quaint vicinity of Peb, Mhaismal, Chanderi and Matheran Hills to reach this dam near Panvel, can easily pass for a major getaway goal for people. Are you still wondering where to go this weekend and your bucket list is dominated with checks? Time to make an addition in that list!

Plan out a weekend trip to Gadeshwar Dam with your friends and family to this ‘not so popular’ and peaceful tourist spot near Navi Mumbai and not very far from Mumbai. However, if you are looking out for a fancy place like the ones you have already visited, this trip can be a little different for you, coz its more delightful to the eyes of nature lovers.

What to Expect?

The only difference between a person who likes to live in his own comfort zone and a free-willed individual, is that – one only THINKS about exploring and the other ACTS on it by feeding his endless curiosity! And if “Trekking” is your cup of tea, then you won’t be disappointed at all. As you get to go for it in the nearby hillocks.

When to Visit?

Although, the best time to visit this place is during monsoon, you can visit this place anytime of the year, except during the summer time. Since the dam is small and it gets scorching hot and sunny during summers, you won’t get to see the mesmerizing view of downstream.

How to Reach?

You can reach here by 2 modes of transportation – Bus & Car/Bike.

Gadeshwar Dam in Navi Mumbai, which is merely about 7 kms away from Panvel is easily accessible by bus. All you got to do is catch a Bus from Panvel station. The bus directly drops you at the destination. Keep the margin of 1 hour, which is also the frequency of the bus from the station, so plan your trip accordingly. However, driving your own car or bike to the spot would be more convenient. Just keep on driving along the Eastern Express Highway to reach Panvel. From Panvel it’s just 90 mins away from Dadar.

Entry Fee?

There is no entry fee

What’s More?

Swimming is NOT ALLOWED in the dam for security reasons. But, the good thing is that there are constant police patrolling along the way. You will find the cops to be polite, but they will sternly ask you to stay away from the stream. So, do follow their instructions for your own safety and enjoy your visit to this place.

In short, Gadeshwar Dam in Panvel is a good one-day trip in the vicinity of Mother Nature – Mountains & Lakes!

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