Prices of most vegetables have fallen in Navi Mumbai

During Rainy season and lack of sunlight has led to discoloring of the veggies and fruits, their nutrient levels have also dropped, and the size and shape have also been affected. Due to which prices were hitting high for vegetables.

Prices for Leafy vegetables like spinach and coriander was hiked up to 200- 300 %.

Maharashtra is the main hub for leafy vegetables and supplies a good amount of leafy vegetables. Specially Nashik and Pune are the core area for leafy vegetables while Latur and Sangli serve the other variety of vegetables provided by farmers for Mumbai and the other metropolitan cities, said traders. Vegetables also supplied from other cities like Amritsar, Himachal Pradesh in the winters.

Late rains till October Diwali made the farms soggy, and crops that were ready got rotten which affected the prices for veggies, But now leafy veggies are trending at a lower price and, big traders told that with fresh arrivals from all over the country the basket of greens would cost less from mid-November.

Kailash Tajni, president of wholesale APMC (vegetable market) said,” High prices led to less demand, and wholesalers charged less. Also, farmers sell the lower grade quality at a lower rate.”

While the retail prices have gone up, the cost of vegetables at the APMC market has decreased. The winter months will ensure supply of the variety of vegetables like ladies finger, cauliflower, cabbage and tomato from neighbouring states of Gujarat, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, while carrots and green peas from Amritsar, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

“Supply has increased for green veggies in the last few days, bringing down the prices,” said, Shankar Pingle (ex-director, APMC and a committee member of the vegetable market). Green peas that were priced at Rs100-Rs120 per kilo are now available at Rs80-Rs90 per kg with the supply of ‘Jodhpur matar’,”

The prices have fallen but it is still burning a hole in our pockets. We restrict ourselves to quarter kg or half kg.

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