If procrastination is your jam then… Procrastinate away

Somedays, you step into your workplace and this how you feel

But there are days, when YOU. JUST.CAN’T.

You know how when you want something, the universe just decides to be the real MVP(Most Valuable Player) and conspires in helping you achieve it. But what no one talks about is how when you’re just not feeling like adulting, being responsible and getting ish together, the frikkin universe suddenly decides to do this,

And then you end up feeling the same towards work. Hence, the reason why we procrastinate. So, if you’re in the I JUST CAN’T TODAY zone, and procrastinating, then you might as well do it right. Cuz, you know, f***k priorities, paying bills, adulting. Who wants thta? No, you’d rather  have a quizz guess your age and gender based on your starbucks opinions

Procrastinate away.

P.S: Make sure you’re doing this on your personal device with good stealth skills, cuz you don’t want to be busted, do you?

1. Find out that song that’s been stuck in your head for a while

2. See if you can watch something new on netflix

3. As if you din’t know already, find out what your age and gender is based on your Starbuck preferences

4. Checkout these awsome games that are MUFT MUFT MUFT!!!( free, free, free!!)


5. Annnnnd various other Random BS you can do on the wondrous internet

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