This proposed park might be stealing BKC’s thunder

Looks like BKC got competition.

The new proposed Navi Mumbai corporate park is going to be

a) Twice the size of BKC

b) By the largest commercial real estate project by state agency in Maharashtra

c) Among the most spacious commercial buildings in Mumbai.

CIDCO has already recieved perimission from the state government for FSI of 3 of each plot of land. BKC, developed by the MMRDA(Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority) was developed with FSI of 2.5.

While BKC is looking forward to an augmentation in the transport infrastructure, the state agency is taking notes to ensure absolute and smooth connectivity to the corporate park that’s going to be spread across 120 acres of verdant plains.

Here’s the part that actually makes the new Navi Mumbai corporate park look like diva( a deserving one at that).

Seven international architects have come forward to lend their skills. Hence, they’re competing against each other by submitting the best master plans. These plans are expected to pour in in the next two months.

Want the cherry? The designs are expected to be based on several reputed global business parks such as London’s Canary Wharf or Jurong in Singapore.


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