Radio Frequency Identification Cards in Navi Mumbai Schools

Navi Mumbai Schools to Ensure Safety to Students

The recent ghastly murder of seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur at Gurgaon’s Ryan international School has thrown the entire country into an unthinkable outrage. And why not? After all, on a school premise – meant to construct the future of a child – an innocent future breathed its last. For forever.

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Taking the matter into a much-needed consideration, Navi Mumbai Police decided to go heedful about it immediately. They have advised all the schools across the city to issue Radio Frequency Identification Cards (RFIDS), by the virtue of which, child-safety is bound to ensue.

What are these Radio Frequency Identification Cards (RFIDS), which Navi Mumbai Police wants all the city schools to introduce? These are the cards implanted with smart chips, which are designed to keep a track of students commuting by school bus.  It would keep a record of as and when students boarded and alighted from the bus. Accordingly, an SMS would automatically be dropped on the registered mobile of their respective parents.

Laudably, the city police have come up with a fabulous safety-plan for students. As of now, Navi Mumbai police has rolled out a full-proof list of safety measures to all schools, however schools except Delhi public school are yet to implement this facility.

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