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Rampant Dumping Puts Mangroves along Panvel Creek at Danger

Mangroves along Panvel Creek at danger due to rampant dumping activities.

Lately, mangroves at Panvel Creek is in a huge danger due to rampant dumping at Ulwe. Debris mafias are evidently taking advantage of the situation by dumping all their construction debris at the 500-meter stretch that is currently going unchecked.

The stretch, which falls under the Panvel tehsil jurisdiction limit, has become an active region for debris mafia. As per green activists, the authorities have ignored the condition in this area for way too long. Trucks uninhibitedly dump all the construction rubble in the broad daylight.

According to Panvel tehsildar, Deepak Adake, “We have not come across any such activities in that area and if this is the case we will surely step up action to prevent this act. We have limited manpower to keep a tab on the vast creek shore. Whenever we receive complaints we act on the perpetrators accordingly. Our circle officer has been under the instruction to take stock of the situation.”

One of the green activists, Rajesh Poojari stated, “If the situation continues, the huge wetland and mangrove patch will surely vanish in the next few years.”

Meanwhile, talking to a newspaper daily, Sukumar Killedar, environmentalist and founder of NGO Save Mangroves and Navi Mumbai Existence (SMNME) expressed his worries by saying, “I have been fighting for the conservation of mangroves in Navi Mumbai and the surrounding areas for several years, but authorities have failed to act against such nuisance. This part of the mangrove has come under danger now with debris mafia dumping the debris to kill mangroves.”

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