Readitorium | Perfect Library For Students In Navi Mumbai

Readitorium – A Perfect Library For Students In Navi Mumbai

It is indeed true that the smell of flipping pages brings all the book worms to the surface. And what’s a better place than a public library – where all the knowledge in the world is stacked up neatly for you to find your ‘peace of interest’! Navi Mumbai sure does shelter a few libraries which are worth a read-in. But the one that caught my eye is, Readitorium in Kharghar.

Students and working professional have a difficult time finding a space to unwind and study in an appropriate environment. Not everyone is comfortable studying in the college with lots of noise, or in a tiny home with siblings and neighbours to disturb. Studying with friends? Well…small chats end up in detailed conversations, destroying the entire idea of studying.

Readitorium is a library that comes with a vision – ‘to be India’s first branded chain of new age reading rooms’. And why not? What better than giving India the opportunity to have a brighter future in a comforting environment!

This library offers an array of amenities like fully air conditioned and sound proof rooms, ample table space, private cubicle-like spaces for zero disturbance, comfortable chairs, CCTV security, assured space for every student, wi-fi, charging points, pure drinking water, common space for meals, attendant at your service, hygienic washrooms, early morning and late evening plans for working professionals, and lots more! What can one ask for when getting lost in a world of his own?

Readitorium is perfect also because of accessibility. It is placed close to the railway station and bus-stops which is one of the major components for students to consider while looking for space to study.

The good news is that Readitorium has opened in Panvel as well, following its vision to be present in various locations to make our nation no less than any country in around the globe.

Come on….Read India!


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