Ready Yourself for a Mesmerizing Birdwatching Experience at Kharghar Hills

Prepare yourself for the spellbinding experience of birdwatching at Khargar Hills in Navi Mumbai.

In a buzzing metropolitan where people rarely get time to look up from their work desks and where the skyline of the entire city is decorated with tall skyscrapers, to find a soulful nature spot in such a place can only be considered as a blessing. Kharghar Hills is one such spot for nature lovers, who like to cherish its every single element. Coming Sunday beholds a gift of bird watching session at Kharghar Hills in Navi Mumbai.

In the twisty maze of habitat, physical characteristics, nomenclature and bird calls, that relates to bird watching, Kharghar Hills is visited by a rich diversity of the species of birds. Accompany your loved one or come alone, to get an ultimate retreat watching your feathered friends dance around in front of your eyes. However, if you are a first-timer and completely unaware about the nuances of bird-watching, then gathering some basic knowledge about the same would make your experience more enjoyable.

According to Dr V Shubhalaxmi, founder and managing trustee of iNature, “Kharghar Hills remain off limits during the monsoon and opens to the public only in October. The hills, apart from offering an opportunity to spot raptors [predatory birds] and migrant birds with ease, are an attraction by itself.” iNature is a charitable trust that works in field of urban biodiversity, which will organize Birding for Beginners walk.

Although, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a famous birdwatching destination, various locations in Navi Mumbai are also ideal for the same, too. Dr Shubhalaxmi stated, “The BNHS conducted a biodiversity survey of Navi Mumbai in collaboration with CIDCO, where detailed reports were made on the birds, butterflies, reptiles, mammals and plants of the region.”

As per a survey, there are 6 locations in Navi Mumbai in order of their biodiversity, that also has nature trails and Kharghar Hills is one amongst them. Some of the fascinating birds that are usually sighted in here are Bonelli’s Eagle, Eurasian sparrowhawk, blue rock thrush and treepie.

The walk would cover instructions on how to sight, observe and gather data, how to distinguish between birds belonging to same group, how to designate a bird based on its size, habitat, shape, colour of the breast and head, and much more.

Dr Shubhalaxmi sums it up by saying, “The idea is to help people see a different side of their city, and get their interest piqued so they continue learning.”

VISITING TIME: December 10, 7.30 am to 9.30 am

MEETING POINT: Entry gate of the Kharghar Hills.

CONTACT: 9987013144

REGISTRATION FEE: Rs 275; Rs 175 for senior citizens and children aged between 5 and 15 years


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