Residents ‘plog’ around to keep Navi Mumbai clean while keeping fit

An accurate way of hitting two birds with one stone

On Saturday, over 25 people participated in a plogging event from Utsav Chowk to Central Park. The participant mostly were Kharghar residents and volunteers of the earth Kids Foundation.

The term plogging comes from Sweden. The term means to pick up trash while excercising, mostly while running or jogging.

The success of an event at Thane’s Yeoor forest earlier this month inspired NGO Robinhood Army and Abhivyaktit to jointly organize the plogging event.

This initiative, which was led by Deepak Singh, Navi Mumbai head of Robinhood Army, got received a lot of positive response from the citizens. People who showed up for their morning jogs and walks helped pick up trash like wrappers, straws, plastic bottles all across the road. The progress of the event really inspired people to participate in similar events in the future.

“Our plogging event has become the talking point. We were able to send out a positive message and also appealed for a plastic-free society. Our ultimate aim is to get rid of plastic,” said Singh.

“I have asked participants to reduce the use of plastic, only then will we be able to get rid of it,” Singh added.

Around 12 bags of trash was collected and a request was sent to CIDCO to lift it from a commonplace.

Lalita Ravichandran, a Kharghar resident, said, “I didn’t know what plogging was. I saw a video of the event at Yeoor forest in Thane. This is an exciting event and will motivate youngsters to keep the city clean.”

Pallavi Singh, 31, associated with NGO Robinhood Army, said, “My home is mostly plastic-free, but I ensure to reduce even the minimal usage of plastic. The aim of participating in the event was to help people know that we can lead a plastic-free life and stop littering.”

The plogging group of Kharghar has decided to organize event every Saturday. Another plogging event will take place at Sector 18 and 19 on April 21.

The areas have a jurisdiction issue as the Panvel City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) and CIDCO officials keep stalling when it comes to cleaning up the area.

The area has around 20 housing societies and volunteers will be urging residents to participate in the initiative.

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