This restaurant has NO waiters!!

There have been many ideas, concepts, visions, innovative quirks on how restaurants could be made. Bean bags instead of traditional chairs, free wifi, having board games, a certain number of dishes that is either crazy affordable or crazy expensive, and many such other ideas. But have you ever heard of a restaurant that has no waiters? Like no one in a uniform holding a pad and pen coming up to your table and going “Hello mam/sir what’s your order?” or for you to wave your hand or yell “BOSS”, “BHAIYA” at a guy holding a tray of food heading to tables to serve.

That’s exactly the kind of uniqueness, BFF(Bruciato Food Factory), a restaurant in Airoli, went for. The reason? The two owners of the restaurant wanted to cut costs. That’s straight up killing two birds with one stone, making the eatery both unique and cost-efficient.

Now I know you definitely have an obvious question, “How is the food served?”. Well, above your seats will be a conveyer belt made with bike chains. Hanging from it will be a pad on which you fill out the details of your orders, Once your order is served, et voila! Delicious recipes for your palate to cherish

Now the best part, the food. They have a sumptuous menu that’s priced pretty decently.  One of the fun dishes that maybe is not server elsewhere is the Pink Sauce Pasta, which, as the menu suggests is a secret recipe, which I think with my not so food experienced brain that it’s probably just food color. But I don’t know, must be something else

The interiors are just so cool. Contemporary feel with drawings sprawled on black-board like walls with chalks. One interesting fact is that most of the interiors are from recycled scraps, so yeah, you can get somewhat that rustic vibe. Also, they put a sort of a disclaimer that there are no waiters, using meme that basically started the meme madness.

The interiors:


The food:






Image coutesy: Zomato

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