Roads in Navi Mumbai to get better with Scientific Study

Analysis and scientific study for road improvement to make Navi Mumbai better

Bad roads in Navi Mumbai have forever been a major issue faced by the common man in his day to day life. Striving to be a safer city, NMMC (Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation) is making a Road Safety Improvement Plan (RSIP). This will involve scientific and analytical study to improve the standard of roads for vehicles, and better footpaths for pedestrians across Navi Mumbai.

This exclusive plan is also an initiative to help pinpoint location specific issues along with identifying road blocks for road safety. It will begin with appointment of consultants by NMMC, to detect road problems and come up with certain measures, in order to ease any bottle-necks and avoid accidents.

Consultants will begin by prioritizing areas in Navi Mumbai which need major attention as far as road safety is concerned. As per an official at NMMC, the plan is to review various aspects of road safety, like design, alignment issues, condition of traffic signals, parking, signboards, etc. The Municipal Commissioner, Dr N Ramaswami, stated that a road map is of utmost importance to Navi Mumbai to tackle the ever-growing number of vehicles in the city.

The team of consultants will research on 5 years history of road accidents and check the count of pedestrians using footpaths. The research will be done in parts, beginning with 200 km stretch which will be a blend of arterial, sub arterial and distributor roads. City engineer, Mohan Dagaonkar, says that since not much study has been done on road safety at Navi Mumbai, references from international practices will be adopted as well.

This is a major step towards not just making the city safer, but also attracting more people to this city of tomorrow, by raising the quality of living with continuous visible development.

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