Official Trailer of SAFAR Web Series By FilmCafe Media

SAFAR | Web Series | Official Trailer | FilmCafe Media

SAFAR | Web Series | Official Trailer | FilmCafe Media

Director Manjeet Singh, might not have many projects to his credit but his unique artistic vision that helps him connect with human emotions and problems, through a different standpoint is amazing.  His upcoming Web Series ” Safar ” which is being made under the banner “Filmcafe Media” feature newcomers because he always wanted to have them as according to him there are certain stories and emotions which look good on fresh faces.

STORY: “Safar” is fresh, compelling and rooted. This web series has a simple and straight-forward story about six friends who go on a trip just after completing their MBA. As they move along their trip, they start encountering various problems that were unplanned. The story takes an interesting turn when one of the friends faces the threat of death. Whether they will be able to reach safely to their homes is what the web series is all about.

The Web Series has the potential to hit straight deep down on our hearts and emotions. It beautifully portrays an act of friendship and survival in a time when everyone was on the verge of giving up. It is a journey from disappointment to hope and to new life.

The entire Web Series has been shot in the outskirts of Mumbai, capturing them beautifully. Cinematography by Leo V Raja and editing by Prady Gupta is appreciable. The new faces look authentic and bring the correct amount of freshness to the story. At the end, the clear narrative style of the director Manjeet Singh deserves a lot of applauds.

The teaser of the web series has been published on their Youtube Channel “Filmcafe” and all the episodes will be coming soon this November. All in all, it is a good, light and realistic web series to watch.

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