Sanpada bank heist: Rs. 1.5 crore loot recovered, 50% still missing

After a thorough 3 week investigation in to the burglary at Bank of Baroda, Juingar branch, Sanpada police and the crime branch succeeded in arresting 10 people and also recovered 5523 grams of gold, 412 grams silver worth Rs 1.23 lakhs, Rs 12.19 lakh cash, 744 Saudi Riyals (Around Rs 12,000) and 660 Dirhams (around Rs 11,000). All the recovered stolen goods is worth Rs. 1.52 crores. The recovered loot also included 4 cars worth Rs. 24 lakhs which were used in the crime. There is still 50% of the loot left to recover. All in all, the total worth of the entire loot is Rs. 3.43 crores.

The five accused’s names are Hajid Ali Baig, Shravan Hegde, Momin Khan, Anjan Mahanti, and Moiddin Shaikh, Baig being the leader.

“The mastermind Hajid Ali Baig (45) claims that in 2014 when he was released on bail in a burglary case, he had seen on television the Punjab National Bank burglary in Sonepat, Haryana. Since then he was planning a similar heist. In April 2017, when all of them were out of jail on bail, they met at Asalpha village in Ghatkopar and chalked out a plan to target Bank of Baroda in Juinagar. Baig invested Rs 8.5 lakhs for committing the burglary. They bought digging tools and cutters, grinder machines, electrical equipment, exhaust fans and wood ply to be fitted inside the tunnel.” Said Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale.

They also included Deepak Mishra (Another member of the robbery gang) from UP. The main task of these five people was to dig the 40-feet-long underground tunnel from the store till the bank locker room. The four labourers bagged one kg of gold and Rs. 20,000 as part of their share (Rs.5,000 each to escape), while Deepak took 1.25 kg of gold and some cash(amount unknown) for himself. Gena Prasad aka Bhawar Singh who rented the store died in a hospital in Udaipur due to an illness he’d been suffering for a long time before the burglary was executed.

DCP (Zone-1) Sudhakar Pathare said, “One gang member had conducted a recce of the bank by video recording using a hidden camera in a pen. Thus, getting an idea of the measurement of the floor tiling so as to properly reach the locker room.”

The accused sold 1740 grams of gold to the Malegaon jeweler Rajendra Wagh for Rs 25 lakhs. Shrawan Hegde took a share of 11 lakhs while Baig took 2800 grams of gold worth 70 lakhs. This gold was recovered from Baig’s sister, Mehrunissa Sayyad, who had to be nabbed for this reason from Pune. The cops also recovered 6.5 lakhs from Moiddin Shaikh’s (another accused) wife Shahnazbi Shaikh.

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