Satisfy your book craving with 5 best book cafes in Mumbai

Books, hot streaming cup of coffee/tea and the silence reading in this confined comfort is such a bliss. In the world of technology, the books are now digital screens, pdf and so on, but there is something about the feel of paper between the fingers which is hard to replicate. There is something magical about the essence of books and the coffee isn’t it? These book cafes lie exactly between noisy coffee shops and extremely silent libraries. Here is the list of 5 best book cafes which show how coffee and books go best together.

Kitab Khana, (Fort)

This place is probably paradise for readers and coffee lovers. This place indulges you in the whole different world of books. The antique interior has contributed to the popularity of this quaint bookstore and is accompanied by the fragrance that is typical of new, untouched books waiting to be explored. The comfortable seating allows readers to prop up with a book of their choosing while they bite into their favourite treats!

Leaping Windows, (Andheri)

A heaven for comic lovers, with favourite food to munch on, Leaping Windows is situated in Versova. This cafe encased within a library is something out of a dream, with comfy bean bags and mattresses, allows you to immerse yourself in the world of comics to lift your spirit. This café includes a delectable menu which adds a further impetus to the peaceful atmosphere! And their Nutella Pancakes are to watch out for!


Title Waves, (Bandra)

Title Waves is Mumbai’s first, boutique book store and is attached to a cafe called Di Bella. This is undoubtedly an amazing place to lounge in for hours in the company of silence and peace, by substituting friends with books along with a cup of coffee is an ultimate feeling for a book lover.

Cha Bar, Oxford Bookstore, (Churchgate)

One of the famous bookstores in Mumbai, it is also a house that allows you a reprieve from every day. With a wide range of books to browse through, you can pick your favourites and unwind in the relaxing café which provides several refreshments that will add a delightful taste to your reading experience!

Neighbourhood Book Café (Kopar Khairane,Navi Mumbai)

The Neighbourhood Book Cafe is a must visit for all the book lovers. With an impressive range of books, the place offers coffee and brownies to all the readers and one can indulge in for hours together relishing the flavour of books and the aroma of hot coffee.

When you get the dual craving of caffeine and books, you know where to head with this small list of amazing book cafes in Mumbai.



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