I saw A Quiet Place and I. Was. Sh..Sho…Sho..oo..ook

Spoiler Alert!!!

So, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, her husband (take that patriarchy!), came out with a beautiful edge of the seat thriller last Friday called A Quiet Place. Excited as one can be for a thriller, I went hopping down to the nearby theatre to check out this movie. And boy was I in for a treat. Why doesn’t this guy direct more such movies?

Here’s an accurate review of the movie as I saw it!

The beginning of the movie was very much like a scene from The Legend. Empty streets, a city devoid of life and a family in absolute silence picking out groceries at a deserted store. The first few minutes of the movie just has a background score and no sound. I was a little afraid that the this would last all the while when the first gripping scene had my insides curl up in fear for this little boy’s life. This was legit, my face in the theatre. Thank god they turn off the lights in there!

The plot is pretty simple – some creatures have taken over our world and few survivors manage to stick around by keeping quiet because the creatures are blind and attack everything that makes a sound. The customary distracting scene that is part of each horror/thriller movie that has us believe everything is okay when the creature attacks had me like:

As the movie progressed, my face was nothing short of a horror movie by itself. But the scene where Emily is controlling her screams while being in labour because the creature is just around the corner is painful and had me cringing and squirming as if I was giving birth!

And when John Krasinski uses sign language to tell his kids that he loves them while yelling to get the creature to get to him, just broke my heart.

All in all, A Quiet Place is successful in getting loud oohs and aahs from the audience! I swear I saw people squeeze each other’s arms in fear. So, head on out now and watch this movie before it leaves the theatres!

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