Should It Be NMMC or CIDCO?

NMMC Not happy with CIDCO’s possession of the planning authorities for villages

In a notification regarding the introduction of new villages, it is stated that any kind of decision made on making these new villages will be now made by CIDCO.

This notice was issued by the Urban Development Department (UDD) on October 31, 2017. The notice stated that CIDCO will be the special planning authority for 16 villages. However, some of this villages fall within the purview of NMMC. Hence making them against the idea of complete authority going to CIDCO.

“The notification is baffling because NMMC is the local planning authority for areas falling under its jurisdiction. The government appointing Cidco as the special planning authority has created a dual authority in these parts which is unheard of,” said a senior official from the town planning department.

“Ideally, suggestions and objections should have been sought before coming out with such a notification. A letter is to be addressed seeking some clarity in this regard,” said the official.

Some corporators too agree that NMMC not getting planning authority is a major hindrance to the city’s advancement.

“The civic body had plans to develop some parts of villages like Savli as a tourist destination. However, with this notification whereby the authority of development has been shifted to CIDCO, it has paved way for big developers to stake claim to these lands,” said corporator Kishor Patkar.

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