Smoke Spotted in Navi Mumbai-Thane Train, Services Delayed by 10 Mins

Local train did not catch fire, just a technical issue that has been fixed, said Central Railway.

Commuters travelling in a Navi Mumbai-Thane local train began panicking on Wednesday morning when they Smoke Spotted due to a fire-breakout in one of the compartments.

The episode came to light after the train left from the Thane station on the trans-harbour route around 11:10 am. As the local was nearing the Parsik tunnel, smoke was detected by some of the commuters that was coming out of one of the compartments of the train. A situation of sudden chaos spread amongst them and they decided to stop the train and climbed down on the railway tracks.

According to the senior public relations officer of Central Railway, AK Hain, “Smoke was noticed as the train was leaving Thane. It was because of a technical problem. There was no fire on the train.” However, the train restarted after a halt of 10 mins, during which the issue was resolved, the official said.

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