Your strained eyes will thank you for doing this eye yoga

We all know that eyes are the windows to our souls. So let’s move on. I don’t about you guys, but I feel like crap every time my eyes are super strained. If feels like to me that the number on both my eyes keep increasing by the minute(which is just exaggeration, but right now without my glasses, my eyes can only see blur. Only and only blur). Guys, really I cant see a thing to save my life. To all you 4 eyed fellows, if what i feel is incredibly relatable, then this video is a must watch. It’s 4 minute eye yoga that really does help super strained eyes.

So, go ahead guys, put just a little more strain to eyes and find out how you un-starin them

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Surabhi Mahadevan

Words cannot describe my love for beauty, cats and water

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