Styling Tips and Essentials of Gudi Padwa


Gudi Padwa is the most celebrated festival especially in the state of Maharashtra.The festival marks the beginning of New Year and calls for celebration and yet another reason to dress up in true Maharashtrian style is here! Gudi Padwa being around the corner and we plan to celebrate it in pomp and style apart from sharing sweets and spending quality time with family and friends.

So here’s how one can get the perfect Maharashtrian look with the nauvari saree – the original nine-yard piece of garment looks ravishing when worn with light makeup and traditional jewellery. It’s not as difficult as it looks, although the efforts are worth the compliments one gets later on. So just follow the steps and voila!

  • Draping the Nauvari Saree

Nauvari saree

The Nauvari – Nau – nine and vari – saree, the nine-yard long saree which is draped in the Maharashtrian resembles a dhoti and is super comfortable in contrast to the complex look. To wear a Nauvari follow these simple steps :

  1. Start with wearing shorts or 3/4th slacks for this saree. Tune the pleats from left to right and tie the knot to keep the pleats in place.
  2. Now take the pallu and place it on your left shoulder.
  3. Next step is to finish off making the pleats with the rest of the saree. Take all the pleats and hold them together and wrap and tuck the saree in around your waist.
  4. Take the pleat from the center, take it all the way to the backside and tuck it like a dhoti towards the back.

These sarees look elegant in bright and beautiful colors symbolizing the welcome of the spring season. One can use light colors to give a contemporary look too.

  • Light Make up to add up to your beauty

For Gudi Padwa makeup is just to enhance the entire look and not overdo it. Light and peachy shades of blusher and lipsticks would add the glamour to your Nauvari. A dash of kohl to brighten up your eyes and if you are an eye make up lover then you could just add a tad bit of eyeshadow. Now comes the most vital part of the dress up i.e. the Chandrakor Bindi which resembles half moon and is going to make you look authentic Maharashtrian.

  • The Hairdo

Open hair will look fabulous with the entire look, however, a small hair bun with middle partition decorated with fresh or artificial flower gajras will just set it right.

  • Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery

One can wear the traditional Maharashtrian jewelry if not ones own jewellery will also look great. The main thing to concentrate on here is the Nathani that defines the look. Its a must to wear a Nathani to complete the look with hands full of glass bangles, two layers of necklace big and small both and you are all set.

Follow these easy steps and you are ready to welcome Gudi Padwa with lots of oomph and style.

Guest Writer: Aanchal Taneja

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