Summer 101 – A step by step guide to how to ‘summer’ right!

Because being summer-ready can be a reality

Excluding the surprise shower that dowsed us last night, summers have indeed arrived. For those who say they are ‘around the corner’, please do step out of your AC homes and offices at noon. For the rest of you who are never sun-ready and are already sweating bullets over how to get over this blistering season, this is for you.

Heat strokes are common in a tropical city like Mumbai where the temperatures rise to 40 degrees just in the onset of summer. But Mumbai being Mumbai, no season puts a stop on the movement and on the sea of people who head out every day for their work like clockwork. Being stuck in crowded and hot trains or waiting for a bus under the relentless sun can be reasons enough for someone to suffer a sunstroke.

In essence, a sunstroke or a heatstroke is when your body is unable to cool itself down via natural methods like sweating and hence, becomes overheated. Now, the thought of that itself has me beyond alarmed. If you are just as paranoid (FYI heat strokes can be fatal) and afraid of that huge ball of fume in the sky, then listen in.

  • When the sun’s shining bright, you shouldn’t!

The sun is at its peak between 10 AM and 4 PM, thus making it the hottest part of the day. Try to reschedule your daily chores so you don’t have to be out in these hours. And if you need to go out in these hours (because bosses don’t get it), just make sure you cover your head and wear sunglasses, so you don’t hurt your eyes.

  • Imagine your body to always be on a thermometer.

Most of us work in AC offices and boy do these offices get real cold during the summers! So, do you think it is logical to step outside of your Polar office into the blazing heat? Common sense says no! So, do get acclimated to the heat. If you’re going from cold to hot, turn off your AC a couple of minutes before leaving and stand in the shade for a while before stepping out. If you’re going from hot to cold, don’t immediately empty ice-cold water into your body, start with fanning yourself, washing your face and only then head towards the fridge and other cold elements of your home.

  • Work out when you cool down.

Kind of an oxymoron, right? But that’s the point. Exercising is great throughout the year and the summers should not be an excuse for you to stop working out. But plan it right. Work out when the day gets cool, either early in the morning or in the evening. Try to make your workout an indoor workout just for the summers. You don’t want your body temperature rising to new heights, that’s reserved only for your fitness quotient, ain’t it?

  • Summer dress is not a fashion trend, it’s a must!

If you thought the term summer dress came from the fact that it was a dress that had to do with flowers, you are mistaken. Dressing appropriately for the season is a must. Light fabrics, cool colours, hats and scarves are a summer-starter kit. After all you don’t want to feel trapped in those dark and fitting denims on a hot day-out.

  • Drink up those summer worries.

For all those fancy and imported alcohol bottles, its time for them to go in. Bring out the juice mixers, the ice and some fresh fruits. These home remedies go a long way in keeping your body hydrated and lowering your body temperature. From fruit juices to milkshakes to plain and simple coconut water; these natural coolers are all you need to survive this summer.

While this list can go on further, as the sun goes on shining, we can put an end to our fear for summer by simply adopting some methods. For the good part, you can whip out all your summer fashion and go prancing about beaches for those sun-kissed pictures!

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