All about the Super Blue Blood Moon

On January 31st, which is today, is a lunar eclipse. What is interesting that the lunar eclipse is coinciding with the super moon and blue moon as well. Hence the entire thing is being called Super Blue Blood Moon.

According to NASA, this the lunar trifecta because of the three events are coinciding. Not only residents of India will get a good view of the moon, but residents of the United States, especially Alaska and Hawaii will see a pre-dawn super blue blood moon, which means they will get a good view of the moon.

Now, do you know, why the Super Blue Blood Moon is a rare event? Here’s why:

Supermoons happen when the full moon coincides with the Moon’s closest orbit point (perigee) to the planet. According to NASA, during a supermoon, the Moon appears upto 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter.

It is important to know that most celestial bodies in our solar system have an elliptical orbit, even the orbit of the earth as well as the orbit of the moon. The farthest distance between the moon and the Earth is called ‘apogee’, while the perigee is the nearest point between planet Earth and its satellite.

The reason this January 31 event is a Super blue blood moon is because this will also be a total lunar eclipse, which means that the satellite has a reddish tinge to it. If you may not know, this is the second lunar eclipse in the month of 2018. According to NASA, a second lunar eclipse in the same month is known as the blue moon. Hence, the name of this lunar eclipse event is called Super Blue Blood Moon.

In India, this phenomenon can be viewed at these times:

North-East: between 4.21 pm and 5.18 pm IST

West coast parts of Rajastan: between 6.21 pm and 7.37 pm

Rest of India: between 5.18 pm and 6.21 pm

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