The Geek Space

An all artist's event created by artists for artists where it’s just you, music, and Navi Mumbai

It’ll always and forever be one of the strongest way to bond: Music. If you’re an aspiring musician or dancer in Navi Mumbai, then here’s where you can express yourself truly with the help of your passion for it. Remember, when you’re in this space, genre doesn’t matter, colour doesn’t matter, where you come from doesn’t matter. All that matters is a pure heart and yes, a shared deep love for music.
This space is The Geek Space. The Geek space is an independent record label founded by four music artists who hail from Navi Mumbai.

For a while now, the Geek space have came across many youngsters with a serious talent for music, and they want to give them the exposure they deserve since the showbiz makes it hard for them achieve that.

Come 24th Feb, they will for the first time organize an event where many aspiring musicians of Navi Mumbai will get a chance to showcase their talent.
There is no competition. Just you and your fellow budding musicians having a fun jamming session and enjoying great music. There are two main goals of The Geek Space:
1) To promote aspiring musicians in the city and provide them the perfect platform to perform.
2) To uphold the growing music community in Navi Mumbai.

Not only will they get to perform, but they’ll also be assessed by known personalities from the music industry. To be precise, this just might be the ultimate key to grow as a true musician. Over 30 artists will be invited to the event, ranging from singers, rappers, beatboxers to dancers from all over Navi Mumbai to come and perform.

For this event, The Geek Space will be inviting founders of event management companies and an international artist portfolio creator too.

They would be providing artists opportunities according to their necessity via The Geek Space.
Mrs. Saili Talekar, Navi Mumbai’s WPC will be part of this event as a special guest.
So, what are you waiting for? If you want to see your passion for music to grow, then send us your details,a sample of your music and be part of this humble but a fiery music community.

Contact to register: 9867406321


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