Enjoy Your Favorite Fries and Pastries now in Kharghar

Make way for The J and LSD in Kharghar!

If you are having a bad day or even a good day, one of the best ways to make your day amazing is by treating your taste buds with yummylicious food. If you are in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai then you are in for a treat or rather your tongue is in for a treat. Kharghar gets their own The J Fries and Love Sugar Dough (LSD) outlets near ITM.

the J fries

You have a wide range of café and joints to explore but one of my favourites is in the ITM and NIFT lane. You have The J and Love Sugar Dough(LSD) side by side. You can treat yourself with yummy fries. They serve fries in 18 different styles as well as, they let you make your own fries. The milkshakes here have the best and craziest combinations. If you ever are in or happen to pass Kharghar, you should definitely have a pit stop here.

Even if this doesn’t brighten up your day the you can add the sinful cakes and pastries from LSD to your food cart. These will definitely put that ear to ear smile on your face. I personally believe that they should change the “S for Sugar” in their name to “S for Sinful”, coz they certainly are.

So what are you waiting?? Go have your favourite fries today!!

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