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Okay but first,

Are Ja Re Hat Natkhat, Naa Chhure Meraa Ghunghat

Palat Ke Dungi Aaj Tujhe Galee Re

Mujhe Samajho Naa Tum Bholee Bhali Re

Am I the only one whose reminded of this song when the word Navrang pops up? I know the song is about Holi festival but still. Can’t help but hum that tune.

Okay, back to Navrang and Navratri. On one of the auspicious festivals, Navratri, the nation worships the divine and powerful deity, goddess Durga, for nine nights. By now, we all know the story of how Goddess Durga defeated the evil Mahishasura.

But what many of us are not aware is that each of the nine nights are represented by nine different colours. These colours hold a certain meaning. And here is the breakdown.

On each night of Navratri, Goddess Durga is worshiped under nine different names. And each of these nine characters she assumes has nine different looks and duties. Here are the nine characters, duties and the colors that represent them.

First Day Pooja – Ghatasthapana / Pratipada – YELLOW
Form of goddess: Shailputri

Who is she: the daughter of the Himalayas. A form of Shakti, she is the consort of Lord Shiva.

Second Day Pooja– Dwitiya – GREEN

Form of goddess: Brahmacharini

Who is she: Her name is derived from the word ‘Brahma’ which means creator. Her other forms include Parvati and Uma, a form of Mata Shakti.

Third Day Pooja – Tritiya – GREY

Form of goddess: Chandraghanta
Who is she: She is the symbolic representation of beauty and bravery.

Fourth Day Pooja – Chaturthi – ORANGE

Form of goddess: Kushmanda

Who is she: it’s a belief that she is the creator of the entire Universe and she has created the entire Universe by her laugh.

Fifth Day Pooja – Panchami – WHITE

Form of goddess: Skand Mata

Who is she: She is represented as the mother of Skanda, the chief warrior of the Gods army.

Sixth Day Pooja – Shashti – RED

Form of goddess: Katyayani

Who is she: She is seated on her vehicle lion, and has three eyes and four hands.

Seventh Day Pooja – Saptami –– BLUE

Form of goddess: Kalratri
Who is she: Kalratri, as the name suggests, is as black as a dark night. She has four hands and she is meant to make the devotees fearless.

Eighth Day Pooja – Ashtami – PINK

Form of goddess: Maha Gauri

Who is she: She is considered to extremely beautiful. White like snow and accessorized with white colored ornaments, she represents calmness and exhibits wisdom.

Ninth Day Pooja – Navami – PURPLE

Form of goddess: Siddhidatri

Who is she: It is believed she consists of all the eight siddhis. She lives on lotus and is worshipped by all the Rishis-Munis, Siddhas, Sadhakas and Yogis.


information source: http://currentnewsandinformation.blogspot.in/2014/09/navratri-festival-importance-of-nine.html


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