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4 Things Your Smart Phones Will Have In Near Future

Time really flies very quickly.  We are almost half a month down in 2018. You will be amazed to know the things mobile phones can do for you. Today, smart phones have become an integral part of our day to day lives and you know what the fact is! The future mobile phones are expected to be more closely ingrained in our day-to-day lives than ever before.

Some industry professionals and futurologist anticipated that in coming years smart phones will become our remote controls of our lives.

One thing about smart phones are that they are driving us crazy with their latest features and updates its like an addiction to us. The technology involved in smart phones and mobile networks has gone to another level over the last few years, it’s going to be an exciting ride to see more updates in future.

Some of the things which you will spot in your smartphones in coming future are:

Holographic Displays

Holographic Displays

Great movies like Star Wars to Ironman, have been using holograms as a regular feature in science fiction and futuristic fantasy films. Holographic phones could be a reality in a near time people are already very curious about this feature. As the term suggests, the HoloFlex is both holographic and flexible, allowing users to view the 3D display from different angles and interact with the images on screen.

Flexible frames

Flexible FramesYou might have heard about flexible phones and wondered if you should become an early adopter of this technology. Companies are working on such type of version and it will be launched soon. Phone companies are trying to create a smartphone that is so sturdy that it can be folded in two by the user.

But before you get curious about having a phone that can-do side stretches, it’s worth surfing what the term ‘flexible’ really means for your smartphone, both now and in the future.

Educational tools

Educational Tools in Smart Phones


Some professionals also admit that soon, smart phones will change the way we learn and teach. You will soon hear school children owning a smart phone, a future where camera and voice recorder phones are both learning, and teaching tools is highly possible.

It is considered that in future smart phones will be used to make notes in class rooms and to note down things when you are on field.

Your new best friend

Phone Best FriendI really don’t have to explain this to you we all know the first thing in morning and the last thing every night we do is we check our phones. As smartphone technology becomes more instinct, we’re getting more addictive to our mobiles.


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