Thinking about inking? Here are 6 tattoo parlours to get tattooed in Navi Mumbai

inksane tattoos

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Flowers, trees, favourite cartoon characters, gods, moms, bands, quotes, phrases, sometimes horrible blunders, 3d art and what not. Do you know what these things have in common? The ink with which this identity/ mark/ art is etched on to your skin for the rest of your existence (Unless of course, you decide to go through an excruciating and painful laser treatment to remove it).

You guessed it right readers, I have woken up this Tuesday morning to start off my work by writing about tattoos. The shillyshally is real when it comes to choosing what exactly is it you want tattooed and where, right?

Well you can shillyshally about what you want tattooed because that’s for you to decide, but I’m going to eliminate some of the hesitation by giving you these following certified tattoo parlors where you can get your tats inked with genuine ink and needle. Yes. Needle. You know that’s how it works but I know you’re still going to flinch. But hey, if you want it, you gotta take the plunge. Just be sure to eat something few hours prior to the tattooing process, keep a bottle of crocin/ aspirin by your bedside and be make up your mind on what you want and your plunge is good to go.

Good luck, brave hearts!

  1. 21 Tattoo Studio

Address: Studio. 223, Ground Floor, Raghuleela Mall, Vashi

21 tattoo studio dolphin tattoo

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2. Tattoo Ashram

Address:  Tattoo Ashram is a tattoo studio on Manek Complex, Shop No.4, Opp. Bhagat Tarachand Hotel, Sector-29, Vashi. in Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai).

dream catcher tattoo ashram

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3. Tattoo temple 108

Address: 178, SS3, Ganesh Mandir Road, Sector 2, Vashi


Web site: tattootemple108.com

balaji tattoo by tattoo temple

Image source: https://tattootemple.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/balaji.jpg

4. Inksane tattoo studio

Address: Shop no.37, Bhoomi Tower,near ITM college, Sector 4, Kharghar

Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai)

inksane tattoos

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5. Bold – tattoo & body piercing studio

Address: Shop: 11-12, Madhukunj Vihar CHS, Plot-E60, Sec-3, Opp Kharghar Railway Station, NIFT Collage Rd. Belpada

Web site: boldtattoostudio.com

bold tattoos

Image source: http://www.boldtattoostudio.com/

6.ZERO3 tattoos studio

Address: shah corner, plot 4/5, sector-6, kharghar

Navi Mumbai

silhouette tatto by sero3 tattoos

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