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In a city called Navi Mumbai, there exists a suburb, called Vashi. Apart from being a regular hangout spot, this little town also houses many raved about eateries. Among the many eateries, there is one that serves only ice cream. Not just any ice cream, but fresh, natural ice cream, natural and handmade ice cream. The name of this piece of ice cream heaven is TIB. The acronym when expanded is known as The Ice cream Bakery. Yes, I agree it should’ve been TICB, as it gives more importance to cream. After all, what is ice cream without the cream? It’s just… ice. But hey, extra points for the catchy name. TIB!!

TIB Vashi, The Icecream bakery Vashi, Tava icecream

Now that my friendly banter is over with myself and an imaginary you regarding the name, let’s talk about where the deal is at. The ice cream. Uhhhh… This heavenly cold dessert, probably the only thing in this world that is the kindest. Oh, what a sweet irony.

TIBsy on fresh and natural ice cream

The ice cream served at TIB is freshly handmade. You have a plethora of options in front of you to choose from. From fresh fruits to chocolate bases, you pick what you desire, and the skilled hands of the TIBs’ employee (non-cape wearing hero), will whip you up some delicious ice cream that is cent percent free of any color and flavors. It’s only just the sweet tangy fruit and creamy ice cream base mingling with your taste buds. Also, besides using fresh fruits and chocolates, they even use homemade cakes to make cake flavored ice creams.

And since ‘Tis the holiday season, this indeed is an offer! You can get free ice creams. But there is a catch, because free ice creams JLT, just doesn’t make for a fun offer.

Ice cream bakery vashi

Here is what you have to do, you have to play a simple game that involves two dices. You have to put these dices through a transparent tunnel. Once the dices finish rolling through, they will land. Now here’s where it gets fun, if both the dices land showing the same number, you’ll get one ice cream free upon buying an ice cream. If both of them land showing sixes, you get your whole order free!!!!

So, hurry up, ice cream obsessed people, for the offer is valid only till 31st Dec.

Venue Details: Shop no.13, Manek Complex, Sector-29, Vashi, Navi-Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703

Outlets: Vashi, Belapur, Airoli and Versova

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