The time a chaiwala took his family to McDonald’s for the first time

To people belonging to lower, middle ad upper middle class and above, an ‘every now and then’ frequents to McDonald’s is no biggie. It’s easy for us to go “Man, I’m hungry, chal Mcdonald’s chalet hain” or “Dude, chal let’s go hangout in MacD”.

See, little do we realize that giant restaurant chains like McDonald’s is luxury to only people of a certain economic class. Little do we realize that those who fall below the decent economic line might have never seen the insides of a McDonald’s. Probably half of them might not even know how to pronounce the world-famous moniker.

Hence, when an opportunity like this strikes a person of the backward class, it’s like they struck gold. It’s almost as if a whole new door of joy opening up. A pleasant change that’s forever etched in their lives.

And to have ha enjoyed this opportunity was chaiwala from Mumbai who’ll never forget the time he took his family to McDonald’s for the very first time. His story was covered by HOB(Humans of Bombay), and upon being asked when he had been the happiest, this was his answer. Read below:

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