Easy Ways to Make Natural Colors At Home For Holi
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Tips To Make Natural Colors At Home For Holi

Since the festival of colors is approaching, the first thing on the list of Holi celebrations is, of course, Holi colors. There are numerous shops from where we can buy the colors but they are not safe at all.They contain chemicals that can cause irritation and allergies on our skin and harm it.So why don’t you go the natural way and make colors at home with easily available ingredients at home.

Here are some tips on how to make natural Holi colors at home.

1)Red color: Red color signifies purity and sensuality.It has the utmost significance and is the most preferred color for marriages.All married women wear a red tilak on the forehead during ceremonies and festivals.

How to make dry red color:

Dry the petals of red rose in sun and then powder them in a mixer when they become crisp. A little flour can be mixed in this to increase the volume. This can be used for children as it is perfectly safe and healthy.

Use red sandalwood powder or raktachandan as a red Holi color powder. You can also dry red hibiscus flowers and blend in a mixer to a powder consistency.

Red color can also be obtained from the juice of tomatoes and carrots.This can be diluted with sufficient quantity of water to remove the stickiness.

Boil wood of a Madder tree in water for a deep red.

For a bright orangish red, mix thoroughly a pinch of chuna/lime powder(the one which we eat with paan)with 2 spoons of turmeric powder and a few drops of water.use only after diluting with 10 liters of water.

2)Saffron or orange color: Saffron represents fire and as impurities are destroyed by fire.It also symbolizes purity.

How to make dry saffron color:

The tesu flower or the flame of forest can be dried and powdered.It can be mixed with flour to increase the volume.

The tesu flowers can be either soaked in water or boiled for a yellow-orange color water.

Henna can be mixed with water to yield an orange to color water.

A few strands of Kesar or saffron can be soaked in water overnight and then can be diluted in water to get an orange colored water.

3)Green color: Green is a festive color and signifies life and happiness.

How to make green color:

Mix equal quantities of flour and a good quality henna powder.Make sure that the henna powder is pure with no additional ingredients.

Pluck fresh neem leaves and boil them in water.dilute with more water when cool to make green water.

4)Yellow color: Yellow signifies knowledge and learning.It symbolizes happiness, peace, and meditation.

How to make yellow color:

This is really very easy.Just mix 2 parts good quality turmeric powder with 4 parts of besan flour.

Mix turmeric in water to make yellow water or you can boil chrysanthemum or marigold flowers in water.

5)Blue color: Blue symbolizes bravery and determination.The Hindu Gods Rama and Krishna are blue colored as they fought against evil.

How to make blue color:

The neeli Gulmohar which blooms in summer can be dried and powdered to make blue color.

The blue hibiscus which is found in Karela can be dried and powdered.

6)Purple color: Chop 1 to 2 kg of beetroot and boil them in a cooker with water.remove from the water after cooling and dilute it as required.You will get a wonderful purple color.

Soak kachnar flowers of pink variety or boil to get a pinkish color.

7)Brown color: Mix 1 part of henna powder with 4 parts of amla powder for a rich brown color.

Boil tea or coffee leaves with water.Cool and use.

Katha, the one eaten in paan, when mixed with water will give a brownish color.

8)Black color: Boil dried fruits of amla in an iron vessel and leave overnight.Dilute with water and use.

Extract juice of black grapes and dilute with sufficient quantity of water to remove stickiness.

So adopt any of these methods to make pure homemade colors instead of buying colors full of chemicals.You don’t really need to hamper your health or shell out large amounts of money to buy chemical-free colors.So, go the natural way and enjoy your festival.

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