Tips to Maintain your Bridal Lehenga

After a fabulous wedding season and a lot of fun and frolic, the wedding season comes to end for now so its time to pack your wedding outfits. The bride spends a whole lot of time, endless efforts and huge amount of money on choosing the perfect bridal lehenga for her marriage. It does not do justice to wrap up and put away your bridal lehenga just like that. Here are a few tips to help you pack your bridal lehenga and maintain it forever:


It is advisable to place sheets of tissue paper in between the folds of the lehenga so that the zari, sequins or any other embroidery does not rub against each other.


To avoid any kind of foul smell, add some cedar oil balls or some pieces of cloves for your outfit while packing. Naphthalene balls can also be added which will help in avoiding any kind of mites also.


It is always better to wrap it up in a muslin cloth. Keep it in a box made of acid-free material. Improper storage of your outfits can completely ruin them.

Fresh Air:

It’s a good thing to take out your outfits once in a while and let them get some fresh air and sunlight.

Guest Writer: Aanchal Taneja

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