Top 10 Upcoming Technologies Of 2018 That Will Change The Way You Live

Change is the only constant in today’s ever-changing environment. The technologies that we are using are getting older by the day.  Several smartphones, cloud computing, virtual reality, etc. did the rounds last year but this year -2018 we are going to welcome completely new trends. These new technologies are going to help us connect and communicate better in future.

Let’s have a look at some of the new technology trends of 2018 and beyond:

  1. Chatbot and CI (conversational interfaces)

The chatbots have been around for a while but we all know how much criticism it has faced. The IT industry did have a few early successes but is still trying the find the perfect app/bot. furthermore with the introduction of Smart Speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Homepod the use of voice is starting to become a trend to stay.

  1. Cars without drivers

Electric cars with ‘autonomous driving feature’, is going impact the car fraternity in a huge manner. It will not only eliminate the need for mass ownership but will also help to reduce the fossil fuel consumption.

  1. Electro-vibration Technology

Believe it or not, this trend is going to change the way we use our mobiles. It will allow you o feel different textures on the mobile. Not only will it enhance the shopping experience but will also act like a boon for the blind people. Now they would also be able to use the touchscreen mobile phones with the access to Braille.

  1. Leap Motion

Presenting a completely new way to interact with the computers – Leap motion. Now one will be able to control the computer in three dimensions with your natural hand and finger movements. Leap Motion is much more accurate than a mouse, more sensitive than a touchscreen and as reliable as a keyboard.

  1. Speech-to-Speech Translation

Real-time multi-language conference calls might become a reality soon. This will allow natural language processing features to be built into apps. In 2012, Microsoft demonstrated amazing speech-to-speech translation and now imagine now discussing important matters across the globe with just a tap and without the need of a translator or mediator in multiple languages.

  1. Fuel with Air and Water

A British firm on Teesside says it was successful in creating a revolutionary new technology that can make fuel from air and water. This technique can help us solve energy supply problems and reduce global warming.

  1. Bio-Technology

This technology is going to enable people to send out signals without the use of hands. It is going to prove to be a bane for the people without fingers to have fully functional hands that can pick up and handle delicate objects.

  1. Server-less Architectures

The rise of platforms like AWS Lambda or Azure functions will definitely decrease the cost of DevOps to bare minimum in the coming years. Developing your apps in such a framework helps to develop, deliver and scale services flawlessly for a fraction of a cost.

  1. Machine Learning

Every startup strives to be different every decade. Beginning from 1980’s it was a software company, in 1990’s it was an internet company. In the 2000’s it was a social network. In 2010’s its now a machine learning company. The most established businesses are also reinventing themselves and want in on the ‘machine learning.’

  1. Augmented Reality

‘Augmented Reality’ is the future of the mobile companies. In simple language, it means an advanced and unseen version of what we can see with our naked eyes. Basically, when a regular sight perceived through our smartphone combined with the AR technology will be enhanced through computer-generated sensory input such as video, sound, graphics and GPS data.

Guest Writer: Aanchal Taneja

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