Top 7 annoying things people do on Social Media

We all are busy uploading the minutest details of our lives on the social media from cryptic status updates to baby spam. Here are the top eight annoying things that people do on social media site that drive us crazy.

  • Profile Pictures and Filters:

An app launched its Lenses feature in 2015, social media users couldn’t stop adding face filters to their profile pictures ever since. Whether it’s deer ears and nose, a halo of butterflies, dog tongue, filtered photos can be seen flooding most people’s feed. But while the filters may do you good, seeing them on social media sites can get irritating.
Image Filters

  • Posting Overly Lovey-Dovey Posts for Your Partner:

Nowadays, showing love in person has become outdated and couples clog up your newsfeed with over-sharing comments, loving statuses and photos. Instead of expressing it in person, they feel this weird urge to share it on a public platform to seek attention. According to experts, couples that express more on social media may actually be hiding their relationship insecurities.
Use of Emojis in messages & Pictures

  • Asking Obvious Questions That Can Be Answered Easily On Search Engines:

Asking obvious questions like what’s the weather going to be like today, what time does a store open or close, How far is so and so destination, etc. A search engine can answer these questions easily if we made an effort to go through them. In fact in 2008, a user got irritated by people asking such questions that he started a website called Let Me Google That For You (LMGTFY)- a sarcastic website for all those who find it easier to post on their walls that Google it themselves.
Obvious Questions
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  • Baby Spamming:

Major life events when posted on social media like getting married, announcing your pregnancy, giving birth to your baby, may be worth posting on social media. But day-to-day activities of your babies might seem amusing to you but everyone does not agree. Sharing details like what food your baby had, their sleeping pattern, their first word, first step, first month birthday are extremely annoying. Even the child might not appreciate once he/she grows up to be an adult that his/her entire life was documented publicly on social media.
Baby Crying

  • Posting Photos or Tagging Yourself Every time You Hit the Gym:

Going to the gym makes you feel great and helps you keep your body on point, that’s great, but there is no need to check-in or upload a photo every time you go. Its good to click your pictures to keep a track of your progress, but these should be only for your reference. Most of the gym posts would include the captions like ‘summer bod on the way’, ‘Abs ready for beach holiday’, seriously irritating to the core and worse making other people guilty of not going to the gym and looking a certain way.
Gym Selfies

  • Sending Game Requests:

In the current scenario we have access to a lot of free games available at the play store like Candy Crush and Farmville. Most of us enjoy playing these games to the point that they eat sleep drink and do everything while playing these games only. But not everyone is an online game buff. Sometime or the other, each one of us must have received requests for life or some other booster disguised as a message from your friend. Thankfully, we can stop the game invitations without actually deleting that friend, thank God for that!
Game Request

  • Posting Attention-Seeking Status Updates:

We all have certain people in our friend list who like to post very cryptic and attention-seeking posts very vague like ‘Do Not Disturb’, Worst Day Ever’, or still better ‘I don’t understand why are some people so selfish’, following with comments like ‘Hey! What’s wrong?’ or ‘hope everything is fine with you’ then they say that they don’t want to discuss. If you don’t want to talk about it, don’t post vague status on social media just to feel important.
Attention seeking updates

Guest Writer: Aanchal Taneja

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