Travel Often, Travel Responsibly!

We all have a secret traveler in us.  Once in a while, we all like to let our hair down and travel far and away from the everyday hustle bustle of life. Different countries may have different customs, but it’s the sole responsibility of the traveler to preserve the beauty and its natural environment. Basically, help conserve the destination for ourselves and the future generations to come. A few tips to keep in mind while traveling:

  1. Stay Local:

We have star properties at most of the destinations but staying at a locally owned accommodation provides us with a sense of the local culture and traditions. It not only provides better employment opportunities but also supports local business owners.

  1. Respect flora and fauna

Certain places are extremely desirable only because of the wildlife present there and at times we want to capture to moment so bad that we forget to preserve the sanctity of the very place. For example, taking selfies with the wild creatures not only poses a danger to their life but also add actual trauma. Nevertheless feeding them human food could actually make them ill. We should maintain a heightened awareness of while visiting these places.

  1. Conserving Water

With water available so easily we have actually forgotten that if we don’t use it carefully it will soon become a scarce resource. So we should keep in mind things like turning off taps while brushing your teeth, trying to carry your own water, keeping the shower length to a minimum, etc.

  1. Buying local

Local markets and shopping for souvenirs from local markets leave a memory for a lifetime of the destination. T also helps the local vendors to preserve and nurture native art and culture of the region. It’s a great way of supporting the locales.

  1. Learn the Language

Its great to know a few phrases of a foreign and new language as it makes your travel a little easy communicating better with locals enabling tourists are welcome in particular areas.

Guest Writer: Aanchal Taneja

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