Treat Yourself To Some Delicious Quick Bites At Batata Fry

Finding new eateries that serve good food is great but finding a new eatery that serves good food at an affordable price is golden. though Navi Mumbai has many an eaterie of that kind, a city can never have many affordable eating places. With the young generation being a vital part of the population, affordability is always welcome, and in the form of food, the welcome always transcends into something akin to offering a throne.

And a new eatery that has caught the attention of this ‘throne’ is Batata Fry. Brownie points for the name. According to the owners, there are few reasons behind the name: a) The inspiration that came from fries b) Their menu mostly contains dishes that’s main ingredient is potato, and c) To sound appealing to locals of the city, the name just seemed fitting. And, if you see the board, it has a quirky line that says “Peels off your bad mood”. Well, come to think of it, carbs are majorly known to be as comfort food, and comfort food always almost immediately puts a smile on your food craving soul or in other words, peeling of a bad mood.

Their menu has a lot of options. They have a variety of drinks, and from sweet to savory, you will find a plethora of dishes. Here are some dishes that we tried:

1. Black forest Pancakes

 Black forest Pancakes

I’ve had pancakes but black forest pancakes? I had to take a double take to ensure I read it right. Nope, it wasn’t black forest cake, it was black forest pancakes. Double chocolaty pancakes! Chocolate pancakes drizzled with chocolate sauce? Yes, frikkin please!

2. Cheese Spring Potato

Fried potato is the best kind of potatoes. Top it with cheese, and you win a ticket to carb coma. Well, we won the ticket with after devouring this swirl of a whole potato.  This ‘masaledar’ potato spring was what my idea is of movie time food.

3. Fish and chip fries



Okay, so, I’ve never had fish and chips before, and this was quite a wow moment. Of course with the mighty help of the internet, I know how a regular plate of fish and chips looks. So, one look at this, and I knew right away that was served in a different way. Though I wish the condiment was served separately, the fish tastes good, and fries, what problem could I possibly ever have with fries?

4. Black Forest WaffleBlack Forest Waffle

More black forest!! This time, in the form of waffles. I looove waffles, so this dish easily won my heart

5. Penne in pink sauce Penne in Pink Sauce

Ok, I promise it was pink, but when it cools down, the color kinda fades away. But the delicious taste of the pasta will immediately make you forget about that. I mean c’mmon, there was cheese! How you can you think about anything else when there’s cheese??

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