Try these dishes at home to be known as the best host cum cook this Diwali

Diwali just few days away! And preparations for the festival has got everyone like


According to me, during Diwali, there are two kinds of people



And, if you are the second one looking forward to hosting a hell of a Diwali getogether, then these recipes are going to make your Diwali getogether the star among all other getogethers because we all know that besides spending time with loved ones, games, new attires, selfies, booz, the one thing people look forward to the most is…..FOOOOD!

So, go on, add these recipes to your Diwali feast.

1. Some crispy starters: Arisi Murukku

image source: www.archanaskitchen.com

get the recipe here

2. Vegetable Biryani for hardcore vegetarians and also cuz.. It’s Diwali


image source: http://www.flavorquotient.com

get recipe here

3. Main course part 2: Aloo Akbari

image source: http://simplyvegetarian777.com

get recipe here

4. Gulab Jamun with a twist

image source: www.archanaskitchen.com\

get the recipe here


5. Dessert with just a hint of health: Beetroot Fudge

imag source: http://www.jcookingodyssey.com


get the recipe here


6. For people who doesn’t want anything that stiff: Pan shots

image source: www.tarladalal.com

get recipe here

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