Twitter is going to allow more characters in tweet very soon

Remember the news when in September, this year, Twitter, the dramaland of social media upgraded their character limit from 140 to 280 characters limit ?

Yeah right? More tweeting for the twitterati. However, this upgrade was available for only for a small group of users. As Twitter expected, even this change received its share of complaints. The other changes that Twitter came up with in the past were TWTR and Tech30.

After the idea of tweeting with more characters wore off after some time, many people of the groups stopped tweeting in more characters.

According to test, only 5% tweets of the test group was longer than 140 characters while only 2% tweets were over 190 characters.

Tweets in languages like Japanese, Chinese and Korean will only 140 characters since these languages can tweet twice as much within just 140 characters.

Other than raising its character limit, Twitter never before has done something like this since its launch in 2006. The 140 character limit was planned. Twitter wanted tweets to be the size of a  text message which usually holds 160 characters. So Twitter split the character limit by giving 140 to tweets and 20 to usernames.

Some Twitter users felt that contents of the tweet should be more important than the length of it. With social media abusing and harassment is becoming a serious problem, the last thing anyone wants is for these foul acts to get encouragement.

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