Types Of People In An Office

1. The Fashionista

There are some people who roll out of bed and remain half asleep all the way till they get dressed, hence they wear whatever they deem remotely wearable, then there are some who do the bare minimum when it comes to dressing, you know, go simple, casual and you’re ready to be out the door. Then there are these people:

The Fashionista

The fashionistas, for whom the office is a fashion show every day. I admit that the way these kind of people dress is how I dress every once in a while, the once in while being a somewhat good occasion or when I actually bothered to wake up 20 minutes earlier.

2. The crush

If you’ve never crushed on anyone in from your workspace, then you’re either unemployed or still in school. There’s no way you’ve worked in an office and never had a crush.

The crush

That’s like ordering lasagna without the cheese. If you have, honey, ain’t no shame in that. It’s not your fault that they have a high attractive quotient and you happen to detect it. Just think of it as a gift and roll with it.

3. The Foodpedia

Whether they work or not, these are the kind of people who know exactly where food gems are located within the office’s proximity, and surely they are the ones who end up ordering the best food into the office that makes it extra hard for you to eat your bland ghar ka khana.

The Foodpedia

4. Frenemy

Sure, you can sit and have meal or a drink together, talk a little. But, here’s the thing, it’ll not be organic. Because you know and that person knows that you guys are never on the same page and never will be. You try so hard to be good, patient and understanding but somehow they always have this ninja move with which perfectly get on your last nerve. However, you both strive to be the bigger person and try let it go and pretend like nothing happened, but on the inside, you both still have your reservation. Hence, you guys are frenemies.


5. The Strangers

Though you see their faces every day, they work under the same roof as you, you just don’t know them. There have been multiple times when a name would be mentioned and you would just go “Who is that? That person works here? Which Department?’. Well, in your defense it’s a big office and it’s hard to remember everyone’s name.

The Strangers

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