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Update Your Wardrobe Staples

1.  Casual plain white/black/grey t shirt (crew or V neck)

Tshirt is one of the most classic timeless staple. A plain tshirt can come in handy on several occasions. You can any kind of look with it. Pair it up with jeans or legging for a casual look, or tuck it in a pencil skirt, add some statement jewellery and you got yourself a chic look. There is no way you can go wrong with a simple tshirt.


2. White sneakers

They are very in now. If done right, you can even wear them with dresses. So, if you’re a gal who certainly doesn’t care for heels, turn to a pair of white sneakers and your feet will thank you. You can see white sneaker everywhere, and you’ll know why. Make sure to invest in a really good pair, though, because uncomfortable shoes is a BIG fashion NO-NO.


3. If you live in cold regions, a trench coat

It is just so frikkin classy and stylish on it’s own. Like really, if you’re wearing a pair of jeans with old and casual af tshirt, just throw on a trench coat and you could almost pass as someone who’s a high street fashionista struting the streets of New York. So, if you’re someone who lives somewhere that’s cold, splurge on one while I, who lives in hot region, will be busy being super jealous.

4. Ballet Flats

Comfy, comfy, comfy, comfy and stylish. Ballet flats is the next best thing to wear if you don’t really feel like heels. Whther it’s a grocery shopping kinda day or an important meeting kinda day, slip into a pair ballet flats and for once enjoy the comfort over the clickedy clack.

5. Flat mules

They’re the new ballet flats. They’re just as comfy and casual as ballet flats but more trendier. They come in many color and designs and sure enough, they’re a pair of footwear that’ll go with your outfit.


6. Statement Jewellery

Whether you’re a jewellery junkie or not, 2 or 3 pieces of statement jewellery is a must-have.  The beauty of statement jewellery is that they can bold and stylish or small and minimalistic. It’s easily one of the best accessories that you can use to dress up any kind of outfit.


7. A pair (or two) of good jeans and denim jacket

Denim Is and forever will be the ultimate wardrobe staple. There are soooooo many styles of denim jeans that are in right now: Skinny, flared, boyfriend, tattered, mom jeans, ankle length. And as for denim jacket, It will literally look good on anything, such is the magic of denim.

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