Uran getting black rain for two days

Uran getting black rain for two days

NAVI MUMBAI: For two days, Black Rain in Uran which is coloured black.

“Noting when the fire at Butcher Island began, and when Uran started getting black rain, it is safe to say that smoke coming out of the (burning diesel) may have caused coloured rain in Uran,” said an official of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board(MPCB) who is based in Navi Mumbai. “There are no major industrial units in Uran taluka. So, industrial emissions can’t be held responsible. Of course, there is an ONGC power plant, but it is not coal-based and is eco-friendly.”

The director of the IMD’s Colaba weather observatory, Ajay Kumar, said, “The phenomenon of getting coloured rain occurs sometimes due to various factors. Coloured rainwater has been seen in Kerala. Our officials have not yet gone to Uran, where we don’t have an observatory.

Mumbai based environmentalist Debi Goenka said, “Due to the absence of a strong sea breeze (towards Mumbai), most of the soot in the smoke from the island fire simply accumulated at a certain height towards Uran and Elephanta. When it rained in the evenings since Saturday, the soot came down with rainwater. It is fortunate that only one of the fuel tanks on the island caught fire. Otherwise it could have had worse environmental effects.”

Credit: Vijay Singh | TOI
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