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Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas With Utility Factor

Yeah, the hugs, kisses and the pure romantic expression of love is all good, but we all have that greed for gifts which elicits from your mind voice the response “Aww Love you too babe, but really, where the gift at?”. If you really are someone who expects no gift, you are a real saint. There’s no shame in true expressions though, some (by that I mean everyone) people love gifts and some people just see the time you take out for them to think about them a gift.

I personally hold a strong, like steel strong belief that gifts with utility factors are a real keepe unless your gift is something that has a deep meaning to it, maybe an inside thing between the two of you, then you can totally go ahead with that tangent of gifting.

However, if you’re done with that idea and are looking to gift something different, then here are some gifting ideas that have really good utility factor

  1. Skin care product

skin care


No matter what age group you are in, taking care of the skin is really important. There are so many things you can give for skin care. It could be a jar of moisturizer, serum, face masks, hand made soaps, essential oils, body lotions with a heavenly scent, beard oils, etc.

  1. Hair care product


Whatever you read about the first point goes for the this one as well. Hair care is just as important as skin care. Some options are a good bottle of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair serums, essential oils etc.

  1. Bed sets

bed set

A good and comfortable bed set is always a win. I would appreciate a good bed set with lovely designs (I personally advise not to select ones with cheesy designs). Duvet/comforters, soft blankets, just pillowcases can be best alternatives for bed sets

  1. Hoodie


In any wardrobe, regardless of gender, age, and style, a hoodie is a staple piece of outfit, which means every should have atleast 2-3. It’s the most versatile king of a jacket/ extra layer/ sweater alternative.

Note: Choose a hoodie that has a larger hood, cus duuuuuh…. That’s the best part.

  1. Makeup


If gift your SO who loves makeup despite you lacking basic knowledge on makeup (yes people, both genders wear makeup. Ain’t no discrimination), then that’s lowkey the most adorable thing.

But to narrow it down to make makeup gifting easier and safe, go for color products like lipstick something that suits their skin tone), eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and lip gloss.

6. Shaving kit

shaving kit

Stubble is so in, but sometimes a shave makes any man put together, also it tames that darn sexy stubble, amirite or amirite?

  1. Bluetooth speaker

bluetooth speaker

A good portable bluetooth speaker that connects to almost all your devices, especially in a generation that’s ruled by gadgets and technology??? Hell yes!

  1. Kindle


Has anyone ever refused a good kindle. Unlimited books sans the load of unlimited books are simply brilliant.

  1. Portable projector

portable prjector

Portable projector is really handy for a quick presentation, project discussion, cozy movie times.

  1. Rocking chair

rocking chair

Picture the happiness on your SO’s face when they enjoy the sheer comfort of a rocking chair while they enjoy a good book, tea time, coffee time, one on one time with you. Priceless, isn’t it? (metaphorically, of course)

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