Valentine’s day for one

Because who wants all mushy, ooey gooey love?

Are you a Kara, the one before she meets Kelvin? The single one? The one that despises Valentine’s day, the one that celebrates anti-Valentine’s day while lovesick people celebrate Valentine’s day? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Now, I’m sure there are reasons why one can be single, but no, here we are not going to rehash it. Here, you’re going find out how you can celebrate Valentine’s day all by yourself or with bffs. After all, you don’t need a better half, lover, gf or bf to be able to celebrate this day where love is celebrated. You can celebrate love too as a single person, you can love yourself, you can shoe your bffs how much you love them, you can call your parents and tell them how much you love them, hell, you can turn to food and drinks and make love to them(best kinda lovemaking, isn’t it?)

SO, Karas of the world, here’s how you can celebrate single’s Valentine’s day


  • Anything to do with food

Anything at all because food is the best-est kind valentine. So many varieties, in so many forms. Cook food, try new recipes, order ton of food, bake with your friends, if you’re gonna stay up till the wee hours, midnight snack it. And bonus, a lustful foodgasm that 100% guaranteed


  • A TLC session

This is much deserved. Especially if you’re getting over a bad break up. Whip out your favourite shower gel and take a warm shower. Use that expensive conditioner. Give your body a good massage with a scented body lotion. Treat your pretty face with a good face mask. Hey, you know, while you’re at it, why break into a silly dance in your bathrobe or towel to your favourite songs. Just….. love yourself.


  • Make a vision board

Now that you have all that time to yourself, it’s time to focus on the goal you desire to achieve. And the best way to keep track of them? A vision board. Go ham with it, use colored pens, goofy stickers, pictures, and remind yourself that it’s never too late fulfill them.


  • Spend time with your family

Not that just because it’s valentine’s day that you should spend time with your family, that’s not good. But in the end, any excuse to spend time with your family is good. Plan a good outing, cook them a meal, give them a massage, get drunk with them (If you’re drinking age). Do what you gotta do to let them know that you love and care for them.

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